Summary Album - Illogical Breed

2009-11-25 22:37:33 by TheBreeD

As comes 2010 so will come my album "Illogical Breed." It is a summary of all my best work from 2006 to 2008 under the title "The BreeD." All the songs have been remastered to some degree, but due to the fact that I only have the mp3's left they obviously will still lack in some places in the mix. Anyways the album is free and come 2010 will be available on Make sure to check out some current songs in the mix by visiting the site now.

Tracks are currently in process of being uploaded here on NewGrounds. They don't come with proper information(for iTunes or WMP for example) and they are merely semi final versions, but if you wait until 2010 then I will have a full album pack available on for free. This pack will also come with a bonus track and some other extras.

Here is the track listing:

01 - Death Scream

02 - DeToX
03 - Fatality
04 - Amen Bumble
05 - Mallow
06 - Slowmo Detox
07 - Pacman Remix
08 - HiJack
09 - On Mars
10 - Requiem for Trance
11 - Organity
12 - Happy Days
13 - Happy Nights
14 - (BONUS) - 30 Second Solve

And as always, Cheers!!!!!!

Michael Breed
Logical Defiance Productions

Summary Album - Illogical Breed


2009-07-06 21:24:28 by TheBreeD

3 Computer break downs in 3 months--The music gods must be angry at me! Unfortunately I am too poor to fix it this time; needs a new motherboard. Can't wait to work on songs again! I'll stay updated on my repair fund progress. Cheers NG!



2009-05-13 06:08:34 by TheBreeD

So I hit level 80 tonight. E-Penis +1 oh ya!

TheBreeD's Re-Invention

2008-12-21 12:17:07 by TheBreeD

Hey Newgrounds, I've got some exciting news. Starting immediately I will no longer be submitting Drum and Bass or Goa Trance. I know that doesn't sound positive, but trust me it gets there. With the purchase of FL Studio XXL and multiple VST plugins/ sound packs, I will be re-inventing myself; New name, New image, New technology, New music. I will still submit any non DnB/Goa under thebreed, but it will very rare. The new artist will effective Febuary 1st of 2009 under the name Logical Defiance. My primary genre will be DnB and Goa Trance! Expect very high quality audio. I hope you guys will enjoy all that is to come. Cheers,



2007-11-16 09:22:58 by TheBreeD

So I competed at a world wide rubiks cube competition at California institute of technology last weekend. I met celebs from all around the country. It was pretty cool stuff, and it inspired my second newest song. I can now solve the cube in an average of 38 seconds. Its not so great i realize but it still takes a lot of work just for that. I even made a myspace devoted to displaying my opinions and times and advice about cubing. You can visit it Here, also check out my rubiks cube and newest songs in the audio portion of my profile. =p


2007-09-04 01:05:54 by TheBreeD

Well, school is starting again so dont expect much in the way of music. I do have two songs in the working. One is a hip hop song featuring myself and a friend of mine as a backup singer. The other song is gonna be a teck-step type song thats got some really pretty melodies in it. This is my last year in high school so it should be fun!