2007-11-16 09:22:58 by TheBreeD

So I competed at a world wide rubiks cube competition at California institute of technology last weekend. I met celebs from all around the country. It was pretty cool stuff, and it inspired my second newest song. I can now solve the cube in an average of 38 seconds. Its not so great i realize but it still takes a lot of work just for that. I even made a myspace devoted to displaying my opinions and times and advice about cubing. You can visit it Here, also check out my rubiks cube and newest songs in the audio portion of my profile. =p


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2008-01-15 01:01:45

shit, im awful with rubics cubes, but i can see that there are pattern ways to solving it, just never learned them

i decided to comment, cause i only just realised that you just reveiwed my song, cause i just reviewed yours, and desised to listen to more, and noticed the green biohazard thingy


2008-10-31 02:15:08

cubing is heaps awesome my best is 29 secs... :(


2009-01-09 15:21:57